Mongolia, a vast emptiness that links land and sky, has a close communion with nature, located between China and Russia, richly contains the colorful mineral Fluorite which has a variety usageindustrially and chemically. Being the second largest fluorite producing country in Asia, Mongolia has been constantly increasing its production volume throughout the decade. Almost all of its fluorite production was exported. Arcus, being the foreseer of its potential, has started their mining business in this godsend. According to the Reuters reported on Jan 16, 2014 Mongolia is struggling to entice more foreign investor interest in its mining industry after opening up an additional hectares of territory for mining exploration. This is a potential for Arcus for long-term development in Mongolia.


Demand of fluorite increases globally but  supply of fluorite in China decreases. 95% of fluorite imported to China in 2012 came from Mongolia (adopted from U.S. Geological Survey). Mongolian fluorite consists of 78% of CaF2 content which is purer than the fluorite from China. Therefore, we believe this is a brilliant opportunity for fluorite from Mongolia further goes into the Chinese market.