Fluorite, commercially termed as fluorspar, is a transparent halide mineral of various colors, composed primarily of calcium fluoride (CaF2). Fluorite is the dominant source for the chemical element fluorine. Due to its extreme chemical properties, fluorite is largely irreplaceable in its uses. Basically fluorite has a wide variety of uses, the primary uses are in the metallurgical, ceramics and chemical industries while lapidary use is also important.


Product name: Calcium fluoride

Molecular formula: CaF2

Molecular weigh: 78.09

Characters: White power or cubic crystal

Density: 3.18

Melting point: 1403°C

Boiling point: 2500°C


Soluble in strong inorganic acid and lightly dissolvable in diluted inorganic acid and insoluble in water.

Further Reading

Metallurgical grade fluorite: mainly sold to the steel manufacturer as flux in steel and aluminum production.

Ornamental grade fluorite: used for production of art pieces, decorative arts and so on.

Acid grade fluorite: Fluorite Powder for Chemical Businesses (Mine A)

Since Mine A and C are ready for exploration of fluorite reserve only, they have not reached the production stage. The operation below is only applied to Mine B but can be interpreted as a general reference in the future production of Mine A and C.